Hi. We’re Four First Names.

Jeff Roy and Drake Paul. Roy Jeff and Paul Drake. Paul Roy and Jeff Drake. Drake Jeff and... you get it... and we’ll respond to all of the above.

We’re Creative Directors with experience in an ad agency and a PR agency—and we’ve learned from both. It’s developed us into versatile creatives that know how to come up with big ideas that get people to talk and to buy what you're selling. And we’ve got a bunch of first names, it doesn’t help... but it also doesn’t not help.

Scroll down to see some of our work.

The MacCoin


A global currency for a global icon.

McDonald’s Big Mac was turning 50—but no one cares about branded anniversaries.

So, we had to find something to help us make it interesting. And The Economist uses the Big Mac every year to measure the purchasing power of global currencies.

Using the Big Mac Index as inspiration, we created the MacCoin—a first-of-its-kind global currency, worth one Big Mac in over 50 countries around the world.

It was so good for the brand that McDonald’s owner operators around the world have literally been asking, “when is the next MacCoin?”

Out of Focus


Getting parents and kids to talk about myopia.

Essilor wanted to spread awareness for myopia (nearsightedness) in young kids but didn’t know how to tell parents or kids what it looks like.

We realized that for most kids, it’s hard to explain when things are out of focus because it’s all they’ve ever known.

So, we created a short film showing what life is like for a young girl suffering from myopia. And we had it play in theaters before kids movies so kids and parents would see it together and spark a conversation.

We got to be a part of the entire process from character development to final color. The animation is incredible.

Bling Mac


‘Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.

For the second year in a row, McDonald’s was selling 3 sizes of Big Mac. And this year, they were launching during Valentine’s Day. So, without any good news, we needed an idea that would drive conversation.

We created the Bling Mac—a ridiculous, diamond encrusted, 18k gold ring that was worth over $12,000.

It blew up the internet and got covered in places McDonald’s rarely has headlines, like Cosmo and People.

We were a little bummed the Cosmo article didn’t come with any tips about pleasuring your partner but we guess that’s fine.

The People’s Launch


The internet asked and we responded... eventually.

McDonald’s was getting ready to announce to the world that All Day Breakfast was finally coming. And since it was something people had been asking for forever, we decided to do something different—take the news straight to the people.

We worked with Twitter to dig up tweets from 2007, so we could tell the people who asked first that All Day Breakfast was coming. But we didn’t just send a press release, we responded with hundreds of unique gifs and videos that delivered the good news.

Fun fact: The first tweet about All Day Breakfast from ‘07 was about an item that wasn’t going to be included on the All Day Breakfast menu. So, technically, we responded to the second person to ever ask for it. But what are ya gonna do?